Resources & Tools

Looking for resources to develop the skills and habits that support students in their learning across all subject areas?  The mastery of non-cognitive student agency skills and habits has been noted as essential for students’ long-term academic and career achievement, and they can provide a means for closing the achievement gap. The resources in this database span a range of strategies and systems that help students develop these skills. Searches can be filtered according to skill area, area of impact, and type of resource.

academic strategies



Student uses learning strategies and resources to follow directions and show quality work.

Student organizes, plans, studies, and completes homework to present best effort.

Student knows strengths and needs and takes action to become a better learner.

Student communicates learning needs, takes responsibility and demonstrates persistence to achieve goals.

Student applies social-emotional awareness & social skills to work well with others.

Skill Areas
Areas of Impact

Collaboration Rubric

This rubric specifies strategies and habits to develop students’ collaboration and groupwork skills.

academic strategies, Self Awareness & Growth Mindset, Collaboration & Community Skills

Core Value Stars

These stars provide an instantaneous positive behavior support to recognize and reward students.

academic strategies, Academic habits , Self Awareness & Growth Mindset, Self-Advocacy, Collaboration & Community Skills

Say Something Cards

These cards scaffold students’ metacognitive thinking while reading.

academic strategies, Collaboration & Community Skills

Family Conferences Goal-Setting

This document provides a structure for student reflection in preparation for and during family conferences.

Self Awareness & Growth Mindset, Self-Advocacy