Unlocking Student Potential

Students learn at high levels when schools pair high expectations for all students with strategies and resources to support students as agents of their own learning. In our model, difference and diversity become sources of strength.

  • Students’ mastery of non-cognitive skills and student agency promotes self-aware, life-long learners and challenges inequitable educational outcomes. Since our founding, fostering students’ self-awareness and growth as learners has been central to our educational practice and philosophy.
  • Gateway supports all students, especially those with learning differences, through a personalized learning approach.
  • Gateway prepares students for college and beyond by providing a rigorous college preparatory course load, visiting college campuses, and offering proactive and consistent college counseling, as well as opportunities for internships and mentorships
  • Gateway's diverse schools foster positive student culture of success and pride. Each student is appreciated for what he/she contributes in our inclusive classrooms.