Strand Information

Our conference strands for 2021 reflect our ongoing commitment to making sure all students have access to just and equitable learning experiences both in and out of the traditional classroom, as well as acknowledge the unique challenges of working with young people in the midst of an historic pandemic. Please review to help you decide your professional development priorities as you prepare for the conference. 

anti racist teaching

As 21st century educators, we have a responsibility to interrogate the role that race has traditionally played in all aspects of our practice, from curriculum to grades and teacher feedback to the values we transmit to students. These sessions will help you understand the impact of white supremacy on your work with young people, acknowledge racial trauma, and employ anti-racist pedagogy. 

What does it take not just to be admitted to college, but to thrive once there? These sessions will focus on how we can not only prepare students academically for college, but give them the mindsets and cultural touchstones they need to effectively advocate for themselves in the post-secondary world.


Are you a coach, administrator, or manager who spends more time working with adults than with children directly? These sessions will show you how to build organizational cultures and practices that empower your team to have an incredible impact in the lives of the young people you serve.


These sessions will focus on strategies and practices that build environments and cultures where young people feel safe and empowered to take risks. If you work directly with students in your day-to-day role, these are can't-miss workshops.