Our Team

Danielle at GPS

Danielle Ciccarelli

Events and Opportunities Coordinator, Gateway Public Schools

Chanda G at GPS

Chanda Guerin

Director of Development and Outreach, Gateway Public Schools

Chanda is the Director of Development and Outreach, and brings more than 10 years of nonprofit development experience to Gateway Public Schools. Prior to Gateway, Chanda served as the Development Director at Seven Tepees Youth Program where she led a rebrand of the organization, engaged corporate partnerships, and increased annual fundraising by 40 percent in three years.

Suzanne Herko

Suzanne Herko

Teacher and Student Agency Coordinator, Gateway Public Schools

Suzanne first came to Gateway in 1999, teaching humanities at the high school and most recently helping to design and start the middle school. Prior to Gateway, she taught at the Liceo Internacional in Quito, Ecuador as well as public middle schools in New York City, New York.

Chris Hero

Chris Hero

Chief Financial Officer, Gateway Public Schools

Chris is the Chief Financial Officer at Gateway Public Schools. He has over 10 years of senior management experience for corporations and non-profit organizations in Silicon Valley and San Francisco

Rachel Kamen

Rachel Kamen

Director of Partnerships, Gateway Public Schools

Rachel Kamen started at Gateway Public Schools in December 2015 as the Director of Partnerships. In this role, Rachel leads efforts in building community partnerships to augment enrichment opportunities Gateway offers students in the classroom and beyond. Rachel is a nonprofit professional with a passion for youth empowerment, education, community engagement and social justice.

Kevin McCoy

Director of Technology, Gateway Public Schools

Kevin joined Gateway as the Director of Technology in 2002.  His university pursuits included flight school, earth & environmental sciences, and anthropology & archaeology.  After graduating, he left New York on an extended road trip, exploring national parks and camping while crisscrossing the country.  A quick stop in San Francisco became the end of the trip and Kevin's new home.  He was soon after employed by Ziff Davis Media as a Project Leader (for PC Computing and Smart Business magazines).  While at ZDM, Kevin designed usability and performance tests to evaluate products ranging from computers and cell phones to software and web services, providing lab conclusions to editorial for publication.

Sharon Olken

Sharon Olken

Executive Director, Gateway Public Schools

Sharon is the Executive Director of Gateway Public Schools. In 2000, Sharon joined Gateway’s faculty as a Humanities Teacher. Since then, Sharon has been a Lead Teacher, Dean of Faculty, and served as the Principal of Gateway High School for seven years. During her tenure as Principal, Gateway was recognized as a California Distinguished School and as a top-performing charter high school by the US Department of Education. In 2011, Sharon helped launch Gateway’s second school, Gateway Middle School. Sharon is inspired by the potential of young people and by Gateway’s amazing teachers and staff who help students get on the road to college.

Andrea Tacdol, Gateway Public Schools

Andrea Tacdol

Director of Enrollment

Andrea Tacdol started at Gateway Public Schools in August of 2016 as the Director of Enrollment. With a focus in outreach, engagement and leadership development in diverse communities, Andrea has worked at non-profit organizations, government agencies and universities focusing on issues of social justice, environmental justice, public health, and educational equity.