HomeRoom: Distance Learning Resources and Tips from Gateway Impact

HomeRoom: Distance Learning Resources and Tips from Gateway Impact

O, Brave New World!

Wherever you thought the 2019-20 school year would take you, it probably wasn’t huddled over a webcam in your living room teaching students scattered across your city. But here we are, doing what educators always do even as news about the COVID-19 pandemic and shelter in place (for California) plans change daily: doing more with less, learning on the job, and honing our craft a little more every day.

Even for the most optimistic among us, however, these changes are a lot – especially when we factor in caring for ourselves and our families as well as our students. The technology and logistics alone can seem intimidating, but we’ll adapt with time. What is needed now are the same skills that brought you to the classroom in the first place: your flexibility, creativity, warmth, humor, and steadfast commitment to doing right by the students in your charge. You are more than qualified to meet the challenge of the current moment, and our hope is our HomeRoom newsletter will be a forum to help us get there together.

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What Do You Need?

Gateway Impact’s mission is to serve as a free resource and partner to educators across the nation – and that means you! Email us with a distance learning challenge you’d like help troubleshooting and a Gateway educator will address your question in a future issue. 

Alternatively, is something going well? Find a great resource to share? Let us know and we’ll highlight your bright spot.

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