HomeRoom: Keeping Yourself and Your Students Sane in Trying Times

HomeRoom: Keeping Yourself and Your Students Sane in Trying Times

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  • Reflections from Therese Arsenault, Math/Science Instructional Leader
  • Everything You Need to Get Your Distance Classroom Up and Running
  • Physical Education: Going the Distance While Social Distancing
  • VIDEO: How to Teach Remotely with a Google Slides HyperDocs
  • IFSEL’s Social Emotional Learning Tips for Distance Learning
  • You Deserve A Night at the Opera
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“How do you want to show up at this moment in time?"

By Therese Arsenault
Math/Science Instructional Leader @ Gateway Middle School

March 30, 2020:  I feel loss and grief at the news that we may be physically separated from students and colleagues for months. As an instructional coach, I strive to listen and to be present. In this virtual world, what will learning, teaching, and coaching be? I think of Elena Aguilar, author of Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators, whose book asks “What can you influence or control?”

April 10, 2020: Survived week one! To define what it means to teach remotely is complex. Feelings of disconnect, overwhelm, inspiration, curiosity, and concern, all untidily wrapped into a package, spill out at unsuspecting moments. I think of Elena’s words again: “How do you want to show up at this moment in time?” To listen, extend care, and be a resource as we navigate uncharted waters – this is how I want to engage and show up. It is what I can control. 

 April 17, 2020: “How might this change help me (and others) thrive?” I prioritize cultivating compassion, patience, and hope. With colleagues and students, I try to model a gratitude practice, limit setting and rediscovering my passion for this work. I give myself and others permission to experiment and fail. I strive to build resilience, and to cultivate expertise and care.  Leading in a time of uncertainty requires me to imagine potential and possibility. While my schedule is full, my heart is open to creating something new, stronger and empowering.


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