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The opportunities in this database include opportunities for educators both nationally and internationally that support expert teaching. This database is searchable according to subject, topic, format, cost, and location. 


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Stanford CLAD ELL Modules

We proudly share all of the course materials that previously supported the Stanford Online CLAD Program. During the 9 year period from 2003 to 2012, the program certified over 2,500 teachers, making them eligible to work with English language learners in California.

EdTech Team Bootcamps

EdTechTeam Bootcamps are ticketed events uniquely designed for schools and districts to host. Hosts decide which Bootcamps they want to sponsor and EdTechTeam will help the host market the event to sell the 20-30 tickets required to hold the event.

Teach Earth Fellowship

Teach Earth is built upon the principle that every individual can contribute to a sustainable planet, regardless of scientific background or skill.

Ideas for Teachers: Teaching Financial Literacy

The Ideas for Teachers website contains activities to illustrate sound money-management concepts. It is designed to help you teach 6-12 graders how to manage money wisely. The need for such practical instruction is a serious one.

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