Educator Opportunities

The opportunities in this database include opportunities for educators both nationally and internationally that support expert teaching. This database is searchable according to subject, topic, format, cost, and location. 


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Educator Subscriptions
American Conservatory Theater

Subscription Discount  We know how hard teachers and school administrators work—sometimes you may want to enjoy a night at the theater on your own or with a family member or friend.

Free Admission for California Public School Teachers

The Exploratorium is pleased to announce its free admission program for California public school K–12 teachers. Teachers are invited to apply now for the program, sponsored by Genentech. Please note that these vouchers are not applicable toward admissions associated with Field Trip groups.

Educator Resource Guides
The MoAD Education Department prepares Educator Resource Guides to accompany each of our Exhibitions. Our Resource Guides are interdisciplinary and written to align with California State Common Core Standards for grades 3 through 12. Each Resource Guide contains artist background information, lesson plans, and hands-on activities to help students gain a deeper understanding of the artworks featured in each exhibition.
Professional Development Workshops

Experts in their fields such as Surina Basho, Jo Boaler, David Kessler, Nancy Mather, have come to work with teachers in our community for extended workshops that address brain development, effective teaching pedagogy, classroom management etc.

Professional Development Programs
The Krause Center for Innovation’s mission is to design and implement innovative professional development education and training, with an emphasis on technology integration and STEM curriculum, to support the diverse workforce needed to compete in the knowledge economy. The KCI has been serving K-12 educators since 2000. Over 16,000 teachers have taken KCI courses. It has built a reputation on intensive summer institutes for educators, as well as the courses it provides throughout the year. The KCI has consistently focused on building innovative courses and programs and on evaluating and improving its methodologies.

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