classroom routines

Areas of Impact

Professional Development

Age Group

High school and middle school


30 minutes


Beginning of the school year


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Classroom Set Up and Routines

academic strategies, Self-Advocacy

Understanding the culture of expectations and practices in my new school supported my transition and improved my classroom management from day one.


This document assists our new teachers in their classroom set-up by identifying the key classroom structures and routines that are common and expected in our school. 


Before school begins, teachers new to our school participate in professional development designed specifically for them. Lead teachers and administrators run the professional development so that the new teachers feel both welcomed to the community and are comfortable with the culture of teaching and learning at our school. This document provides a basis for conversation and reflection as the new teachers tour the classroom of an experienced teacher. 


Before the classroom tour, teachers have been introduced to the 10 Principles of Teaching and Learning that frame all our work at school. During the classroom tour, teachers are greeted and follow the routines students experience in that classroom. After the tour, teachers are led in a discussion of how the classroom set-up and routines physically and practically support our principles of teaching and learning as well as core values. After new teachers have the opportunity to set up their own classrooms, an administrator or lead teacher gives them feedback to support a successful start-up of the school year.