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High school and middle school


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Time Management Questionnaire

Self Awareness & Growth Mindset, academic strategies, Academic habits

When students analyze how they use their time, they have an important opportunity to understand what is helping or hindering them from meeting their goals.


This document guides students in analyzing how they used their time after they track that usage for 1 week.


Teachers can use this tool in any course where study strategies and habits are being taught. Also, it can be modified to include questions more specific to the experiences of your student population.


If the teacher has also tracked their time usage, it is fun modeling to have them complete the questionnaire as well. After completion, it is helpful to have a class discussion, choosing questions that connect to common trends or challenges for students. Another possibility is creating classroom graphs about time use. Once trends are identified, specific lessons on topics such as nutrition, sleep or study strategies can be developed to address student experience. One caution to keep in mind: if students have not honestly completed the Time Management Weekly Log, this analysis is less meaningful. Therefore, it is important that students log their time without fear of reprisal for their honesty.

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