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Time Management Weekly Log & Plan

academic strategies, academic habits, Self Awareness & Growth Mindset

The first step to helping students know how to manage their time is helping them identify how they use it.


This document gives students the opportunity to monitor and then plan their time usage so that they can begin to manage it more effectively.


Teachers can use this tool in any course where study strategies and habits are being taught. At Gateway, we first block out the hours of school on the document.  If there is study hall time, that is identified as well. Students then monitor their time usage for one week using page 1. After the monitoring stage, students complete a Time Management Questionnaire in which they analyze how their time was spent. From that questionnaire, rich classroom discussions can arise about sleep, eating habits, homework habits, extracurricular responsibilities and other life priorities. With that information, students then complete an ideal Time Management Plan using page 2. Students can revisit that Time Management Plan monthly and revise it as new responsibilities arise and their personal schedules change.


It’s helpful for the teacher to create a model of the log to assist student completion. Teachers might also give students 5 minutes each day in class to complete the log. If teachers complete the log themselves, the time management questionnaire and subsequent classroom discussion might be even more interesting and meaningful to the students!  

When students are at the stage of creating a Time Management Plan using page 2 of this document, it is important to remember that students' lives often change due to sports and outside activities. Giving them a monthly opportunity to reassess their plan and evaluate how they are doing is helpful to building their self-awareness and time management skills.

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