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Middle school


20-30 minutes 




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Online Grade Check

academic strategies, Self Awareness & Growth Mindset, Self-Advocacy

I can’t assume my students understand the usefulness of the online grading system.  It’s something they need to be taught as a tool to advocate for themselves.


This document scaffolds students in the skill of checking their online grades and advocating for themselves with their teachers.


At Gateway we find that when students transition to middle school they are often not used to having grades, monitoring those grades, or then talking with teachers about how to improve their grades. The Online Grade Check provides a structure for students to do all those things. In 6th grade, students are first taught how to check their online grades, then required to check those grades weekly using this tool. Having a written assignment supports the student in not only monitoring their performance, but also advocating for themselves by requiring a conversation with teachers and families. As students progress through middle school, they need this structured system less frequently although it still serves as a helpful Tier 2 or Tier 3 intervention for some students.  


Remember that students will need to be taught the online grading system at your school. Students with limited technology experience or without internet access at home may need repeated exposure to the on-line system as well as time in class to complete it. Making the document an assignment that is graded for completion emphasizes its importance.