Areas of Impact

Professional Development

Age Group



30 minutes


Before distance learning instruction begins or shortly thereafter


Print Materials

Student/Parent Roles & Responsibilities for Distance Learning


Along with calendar and grading information, these organizers can help clarify expectations for working together under a distance learning model, as well as points of contact for issues that may arise. Customize with your directory information and guidelines.


For as many questions as we find ourselves faced with at the outset of this new venture, our parents and students almost certainly have more. And just as we know clear expectations are the cornerstone of any good working relationship with students, our parents need them too!


These two organizers will help you delineate clearly what students will be responsible for as distance learners and the commitments parents are expected to make in order to help their children be successful. A mini-directory of staff and resources who can address specific student and parent concerns helps streamline communication with families and minimizes frustration, and an optional parent resource page details more in-depth how parents can help set their students up for success. Paired with schedule, calendar and grading information, this resource will be a one-stop shop for students’ and families’ most frequent questions.