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Student-Led Conference Classroom Work Selection Checklist

academic strategies, Self Awareness & Growth Mindset

Helping students choose the right work samples for their portfolios sets them up for reflecting thoughtfully and creating portfolios that they are proud of.


This sample document from a math class guides students in selecting appropriate artifacts for inclusion in their Student-Led Conference portfolios.


At Gateway Middle School each student creates a portfolio of their work from all classes that they present in their Student-Led Conferences. The purpose of the portfolio is to demonstrate student growth and achievement so that they can set new learning goals for themselves. Selecting useful work samples is a key step for students’ success in this process. The sample document demonstrates how students do this in a 6th grade math class. Other teachers use modified documents that include the content learning targets for their subjects. All classes include the Process of Learning skills that are explained in our Student Agency Rubric. After selecting their work, students reflect on it using the Student-Led Conference Classroom Work Reflection.


It is helpful to have students collect major projects and assessments in a classroom folder throughout the year. This strategy can also involve students doing brief self-assessments of their work related to the learning targets. In this way, students are developing their meta-cognitive reflection skills through repeated practice. Without previous exposure to reflection, this activity can be challenging, especially for younger students.

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