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Middle School


10-15 minutes


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Student-Led Conference Community Commitments Checklist

Self Awareness & Growth Mindset, Collaboration & Community Skills

Sometimes students don’t recognize the wonderful things they bring to our community each day. It’s my job to remind them.


This checklist helps students identify the specific social-emotional skills and habits that they bring to school every day.


At Gateway we talk about and work to develop an inclusive community, so we decided to value it by including a "Community" section in students’ portfolio presentations at Student-Led Conferences. This checklist is one tool to start students thinking about the social skills they exhibit daily. We use it in preparation for their writing the Community Reflection for the Student-Led Conference portfolio. It could also be used to frame social-emotional goal-setting or classroom norms.


Talking about Community Commitments makes the most sense in the context of a Social-Emotional Learning curriculum. But even without a formal curriculum, students can approach this reflection if a teacher supports these behaviors in class. To support student buy-in, be sure to be clear with students about why you are discussing these actions and how they positively contribute to the classroom and school.  

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