Areas of Impact


Age Group

High school and middle school


20-30 minutes 




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Student-Led Conference Family Homework

Self Awareness & Growth Mindset, Self-Advocacy, Collaboration & Community Skills

The Family Homework is a concrete way for families to share their voice in their child’s accomplishments and growth.


This document invites families to write a letter that is included in the student’s portfolio.


After the family conference, families are encouraged to write a family letter responding to their student’s portfolio and conference. Because we have many families whose home language is Spanish, we have a Spanish version as well.


Since this activity may be new for many families, it’s important to make it as welcoming to them as possible. Writing in the home language, assuring families that it is to their child/custodian rather than the teacher, and being flexible in its format (e.g. hand-written or digital) are all important. Finally, students often enjoy turning the tables on their parents/guardians by assigning a “due date” for them. That student-initiated deadline helps everyone reach their goal!

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