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High school and middle school 


45-60 minutes 




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Student-Led Conference Classroom Work Reflection

academic strategies, Self Awareness & Growth Mindset

Student reflection on their work forms the backbone of their self-awareness and empowers them to grow.


This document scaffolds metacognitive reflection for students about their work in completion of the Student-Led Conference portfolio.


This document is a template for reflection, so our teachers modify this document to highlight the specific learning goals, skills and projects that were completed in their classes. The questions guide students in building their self-awareness of and setting goals for their learning. It could be adapted with additional prompts or sentence starters for students, or, once students have more practice in reflection, left more open. It should be completed in class before students complete their global goal-setting for Student-Led Conferences. A final draft of this reflection accompanies the work in the student’s Student-Led Conference Portfolio. See links below for additional documents supporting the Student-Led Conference.


The more students have reflected on their learning in class, the easier this annual reflection will be.  If students have not done much metacognitive reflection, they may need additional prompts and suggestions to answer.  Students’ success in reflection is also supported if they have chosen meaningful examples of their work.  A Student-Led Conference Classroom Work Selection Checklist is helpful.

Students can use this document as a draft for writing their reflection and revise it for the final portfolio.  

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These resources were adapted from the following:

Fostering Student Accountability Through Student-Led Conferences by Patti Kinney

A School-Wide Approach to Student-Led Conferences:  A Practitioner's Guide by Patti Kinney, Mary Beth Munroe and Pam Sessions.

Resources at the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE)