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Student-Led Conference Portfolio Checklist

Self Awareness & Growth Mindset, Self-Advocacy, Collaboration & Community Skills

Student-Led Conference portfolios give students the opportunity to honestly share both their accomplishments and areas of growth.


This checklist helps students organize the contents of their Student-Led Conference portfolios and serves as an overview of the portfolio's purpose.


At Gateway Middle School, advisors usher students through the process of assembling and presenting their portfolios to their families. While reflection on individual work samples takes place in subject area classes, the advisor guides the students in understanding the big picture of their accomplishments and setting goals for growth. Then they participate as an audience member in the student led conferences. Advisors share this checklist with students as they assemble their Student-Led Conference portfolios to keep track of the required artifacts. This process takes 2-3 weeks of daily work, about 30 minutes per day, to compile and practice all components of the portfolio.


Since Student-Led Conferences involve coordination across disciplines, this practice needs to be a school-wide focus to be implemented successfully. Students reflect on their work artifacts in their subject area classes. They then reflect on their community contributions, create their family letters, assemble their portfolios, and practice their presentations in their advisory class.  Each year they add to the portfolio so that they have three years of work by the time they leave 8th grade. While the goal-setting and reflection sheets look similar across the grade levels, teachers tailor them to address the growth students experience during their time in middle school.

Successful Student-Led Conferences look different across schools. See resource books and articles below for additional ideas and inspiration.

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